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Unique social networking  PHP Community Script developed to get the most out of your online community & build viral social media websites.


There are many PHP Community Script  platforms available online today, some of which are free to use and some are paid scripts, many webmasters choose to stick with the free solutions while others only want to use paid social community platforms and in some cases for good reasons.

So many of the free scripts are classed as cookie cutters because they are installed so many times with a default template that they leave a huge footprint behind for Google no matter how popular that site might become, this can be a problem for some people and that’s one good reason to be looking online for a paid option rather than a free option at the end of the day but many people are just starting out and feel a free option is best for them.

Many of the free php social script platforms are not really free because once downloaded you will be asked to purchase many other things like copyright removal and extra plugins and templates, most free platforms are available with the same boring and not very eye catching default themes and usually very few features unless you extend your social script with new extra modules.

There are many top paid community social scripts which are used by some top companies and well known brands using scripts like PHP Fox or Social Engine & Dolphin, of course there are other scripts like WordPress and Joomla which also have many social features if used with plugins and add on’s like buddy press.

The Choice For Webmasters Using  PHP Community Script Software is Huge

Lets look at PHP Social Stream now…

PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream

However we recommend a brand new PHP Community Script which we think is perfect for all webmasters looking to build an online community with a script that has many modules already included in the base script without having to purchase any extra’s which we feel is a really nice touch and a great money saver in the long run.

The script is called PHP Social Stream which is built on the popular Codeigniter platform and the HMVC modular framework, allowing webmasters to both extend the script and make is scalable for those who want a lite version whioch will allow for turning off many of the modules included.

PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream

What we love about this social script is the way they have taken a different direction than the normal social script platforms tend to stick with, PHP Community Script basically does as the name suggests, it allows members to create social streams and stream all their feeds, photos, videos, music, tweets, facebook posts and much more, all of which are streamed on single page allowing visitors and friends to comment, like and pin any incoming feed from any 3rd party social media service. This makes for huge free social media traffic not to mention the popularity of your websites going through the roof, just imagine sharing 1000′s of social streams all pulling in fresh new targeted content every minute of the day, Google will have something new to crawl whenever it comes to the website and the more content the is, the more times Google will make that visit everyday.

PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream

Why we like this concept so much is because the members will get a single stream URL to use, hand out to friends, family and business partners so they can view all that users social activity from a single stream link, this is very powerful because the visitor no longer needs 10, 20 or 30 profile links to see what is happening in that users social circle because its all streamed to a single page and updated in real time as soon as new posts are made on any 3rd party social media site they are also then posted to the users stream page allowing for up to the minute status updates without leaving the page to have to view anything on other sites.

Our PHP Community Script is Also Packed With Social Script Features

Clients are going to play a very important role in the development of this script, the developers have already stated and made clear that is is a community script that the clients must have input, ideas, and feature requests noted and in most cases developed to enhance the social script even further, they have also stated that this script is not going to be another PHP Fox clone or another Social Engine clone as there are simply too many sites out there that are like this.

Get More Info On This Awesome New PHP Community Script For 2014

You can visit the official website to get more information on this social script where you will find full details about the functionality, features and whats included in the admin panel, you will also be able to use the community forums to ask the developers any questions and give some idea’s or feature suggestions which may be included in the first release of this script due in the spring of 2014, however we have been told this could be as early as Dec 2013, we are working with PHP Social Stream developers to select the BETA testers who will get the great job of rooting our those gremlins from the script before general release.

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